Thursday, March 19, 2009

notable quotable..

Well smack my ass and call me Charlie... the Kingman Daily Miner did a brief write up, including quotes, on the subject of Kingman Crossing. I had to look out the window to see if pigs were flying (none visible).

Shares from this article...

"As HMMC grows and attracts more patients, however, we foresee the local community wanting even faster access by means of an I-40 interchange," Scholer said.

"Appropriate infrastructure growth is surely going to depend on the creation of not just one, but two additional interchanges - one at Kingman Crossing and another at Rattlesnake Wash. From the point of view of optimal access to health care, we believe the community would certainly be well served by the Kingman Crossing interchange.

"The community will also need an infrastructure that grows with it, and that includes access on and off of I-40," (Hualapai Mountain Medical Center President Duane) Scholer said.

I can almost hear the no-growthers now... I remember some crowing that the new hospital stating it didn't need an interchange. Well I guess it is too late for a referendum, dang it. The hospital doesn't need an interchange... but potential patients in need of emergency services might beg to differ.

Optimal access to health care... has a great ring to it.

Of course the reader comments are already laying the propaganda groundwork with cries of 'no tax exemption' and 'driveway to nowhere'... well if you are in need of emergency services of a hospital in that area, that 'driveway to nowhere' is actually a very important somewhere.

Yet for all the coming hand-wringing... none can argue on any factual basis on how a possible new interchange in the Kingman Crossing area might come to pass. Nothing is on the table in the form of negotiations or solutions (pigs might actually fly by the time any of that A) happens and B) gets reported on by the local daily).

There was also this from the article...

On Feb. 9, the city met with Vanderbilt and Vestar for the first of several negotiations concerning a tax reimbursement agreement for Kingman Crossing.

The two groups haven't met since, and no other meetings are scheduled, Mayor John Salem wrote in an e-mail.

Cool of the Miner to finally getting around to reporting on a meeting held over a month ago [sarcasm off/].

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