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Today's letter to the editor goes into the Hall of ... something

As you might be able to tell, I like to catch up on things on the Kingman Daily Miner's letter to the editor section every few days. Now that the Miner has upgraded their website, the discussions found at the bottom of articles, columns, and letters provide a source of entertainment for me. It is certainly great to see more voices joining the discussion and even more letters being published in the paper.

Today's letter though takes the cake. Actually after reading today's letter (I'll get to it in a moment) I had to check to see if I was still sleeping, or fell in a worm hole into another dimension, or if I ended up in a 'funny farm' wearing a straight-jacket. I really needed Cher's character in the movie 'Moonstruck' to slap me across the face and yell at me to "snap out of it!!" when I tried to make sense of the letter to the editor I had just read.

Look, it is no secret that I have had disagreements with certain columns, articles, and letters over the last few years. I've even written letters to the editor in response to some of the things I have disagreed with. In fact participating in doing so helped lead me to the needed inspiration to run for city office (but I have learned my lesson for now... and thusly do not write letters to the editor any longer... for now at least).

Lately there has been a letter or two that has taken a jab at one particular journalist at the Miner. Of course the first salvo was followed by a letter and some comments defending the young man, which I have no problem with. Everything on the opinion page is, after all, an opinion... and I think we are all entitled to our opinions.

It would be interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork to take issue with today's letter.

Check it out at this link.

Of course I feel compelled to add my two cents so here goes...

Nicholas Wilbur's May 9 column, a mindless article consuming 84 square inches of space, might have aroused a bit of curiosity had it been left blank, but surely it would not have been crude or offensive.

Wilbur's mindless attack left a stigma on the editor's judgment in evaluating the pros and cons of Miner writers' submitted columns. Apparently, he experienced nothing other than pride. Wilbur's column defamed and denounced RAID.

This is just the beginning, AND the reason why I thought I may have fallen of a turnip truck this morning. My reading comprehension skills are lacking big time these days if indeed the young staff writer defamed and denounced RAID.

Here is the column the letter writer refers to.

What am I missing?? To me that particular column was aimed at the KDMiner's readers that commented below articles found on their website. To me the column was dripping with sarcasm for those comments left on the KDM site.

I have to believe that my reading comprehension skills are still in tact for only one reason... the former president... founding member... the treasurer... or whatever title the man holds with that group these days never fired back at the very same publication that 'made' their 'watchdog' group what it is today. RAID was silent, at least in the paper, after the column appeared.

More from today's episode...

Otherwise, Editor Mark Borgard would have felt compunction when considering and allowing Wilbur to submit another column on May 21, titled, in part, "RAID bashing," which I'm sure he wrote with glee and exuberance. Of course, the Realtors managed to have the beneficiaries of commercial enterprise attend the meeting. Baron Yankowitz managed to vociferously attack RAID, which I am convinced ticked Wilbur sillier than normal.

First off the words written by the young staff writer on May 21 did not come from the opinion page, they came from a news article (linked here). In the very same article, at least one member of RAID was quoted on various issues including responding to allegations of his wife saying things that may or may not be true (I'm Switzerland on that issue).

I find the extreme sensitivity of the author of this letter to be hilarious... 'vociferously attack'?? It is funny because a citizen (Mr. Yankowitz) took it upon himself to address the City Council at one particular evening to let his voice be heard, to take issue with a group of people that have never been elected to serve the community, to speak his own mind, someone that is NOT a Realtor or even a developer, and it is construed as a vociferous attack!! I expect this kind of thing when I'm watching episodes of 'The Office', but maybe some Hollywood types should send some script writers out to our neck of the woods as there is plenty of comic relief to be found.

Wacky Wilbur did not realize, in essence, that he was siding with the average homeowner when he included a picture of the Realty Experts marquee which read "Mommy who elected RAID to speak for us?" which preceded "Caution! RAID kills more than insects," and "Recall RAID."

Cue the rock 'n' roll music for either Golden Earring's or Rush's rendition of their own version of the song 'Twilight Zone' for the above... hell... cue Rod Serling back from the grave!! Since when is siding with the 'average home owner' a bad thing?? Didn't our newly elected mayor win on a ticket promising to represent the 'regular' people of this great community??

A photo that appeared along side a news article equals a young staff writer siding with average home owners now?? If this is true... then I hit my head at least three times this morning falling off that turnip truck. Wow... where's the Tylenol??

In conclusion, may I slip back to the "RAID kills more that insects?" Raid would not have to kill more than insects if man's integrity could be sized according to his value. I could rapidly stop infection from developers and "no gooders" with a can. Plaudits for Laura Cox for her courage in standing firm on solid beliefs, as she stood alone amongst the "growth surge" loonies.

Bill Bronn


Shocking that in the end it came down to name-calling.

I've seen other writings at times from this author. Good stuff for sure... if you like paranoia and conspiracy writing. You'll find that in his writings that Kingman is just about out of water these days, that CEO's are very bad people, and that growth is really bad.

I was at a City Council meeting some time ago and I learned one other thing from Mr. Bronn's writing... he can't drive at night. You see he wrote the Council some letter about the plight of our water shortage and regretted that he couldn't come down to the city complex to speak in front of the Council because he can't drive a vehicle at night. I'm paraphrasing there but basically that is what the correspondance included... that and there will be no more water some day (even though the planet is 3/4 covered in that 'wacky' molecule). I suppose that Mr. Bronn will be proven right about the water some day... of course the star at the center of our solar system will someday go 'loonie', expand and generate enough heat to evaporate that particular molecule out to the far reaches of space (I watch the History Channel you know). However, I don't think Mr. Bronn or that even I or the young staff writer at the Miner will be able to witness the event as it is not slated to take place for another billion or so years.

I wait eagerly for the next letter from Mr. Bronn... I'm expecting no less than a command performance. I just hope I'm not any turnip trucks when it appears.

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