Thursday, June 26, 2008

Interesting stuff from the Mayor's blog...

What?? You didn't know that the Mayor of Kingman, the honorable John Salem, has a blog?? Well you can find a link to it right here. The Kingman Daily Miner was gracious enough to offer Mr. Salem some room on their blog page and I think that it is great to see our mayor keeping us in touch with what is happening.

I found an interesting passage on his most recent post and wanted to share.

Infrastructure: Members of staff and I have been habitual in attending the ADOT State Transportation Board Meetings. Staff has made several addresses to the board on behalf of Kingman. It looks like we have been added to the five-year plan for some capital projects in Kingman. Statements made by board members at the Nogales meeting last Friday reiterate the consensus of the board that private money in addition to city and state funding for infastructure shoots projects to the top of the list as far as priority. This means that highway capital projects may become a reality in the near future rather than just a smoky dream.

Emphasis mine above.

Like I said, interesting.

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