Tuesday, June 24, 2008

** A MOCO RE News Alert **

MOCO RE News is reporting that conditions outside in the Kingman area are currently sunny and fairly breezy. It is being reported that conditions such as these are alarmingly typical nearly 300 days out of the year.

Experts indicate that weather conditions such as these are ideal for generating solar and wind power for electricity needs in homes and other enclosed buildings.

Simple word searches, including the words: windmill, tower, wind, were used to try and locate zoning ordinances and restrictions from this document linked here. MOCO RE News could not determine if personal use energy producing windmills are allowed on residential private property, but understands that there is a $1,000 application fee paid to the City of Kingman by the applicant if a private property owner requests a variance to install such a device on the property.

According to at least one citizen, city leaders have said that wind generators are a 'blight' to neighborhoods.

On a related note, MOCO RE News is reporting that the one known power generating personal use windmill located near the intersection of Riata Valley and Western within the current city limits is not a 'blight' to the neighborhood and the tower the wind turbine rests on is still in tact.

Once again repeating our top story... weather conditions in the greater Kingman are considered sunny and fairly breezy.

This has been a MOCO RE News alert. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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