Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kinda funny to me (political)

Found some interesting quotes in todays edition of the about some issues a local developer is having getting a rezone request through the system.

See the entire article here...

A few snippets...

She (Deborah Raney) remains hopeful that the rezone will go through without further delay when Council picks up the case again in two weeks. One of the current landowners, however, is considering removing the item from the May 19 agenda and waiting to re-hear the issue until the new Council takes office June 2.

"I'm scared to death of these guys," said Jay Schritter, a co-owner of the property with his son and two partners, Lee Bruno and Jeff Goldberg.

If Council were to deny the request, the case would not be allowed to come back before Council for a year.

Oh the humanity... please.

Schritter noted that liquor license regulation has nothing to do with rezone cases, but he said he wasn't surprised by Council's scrutiny over his request.

"It's just a real immature type deal," he said in an interview Wednesday. "All it is is something to slow us down. It's my name on that application, and of course Spear hates me and so does (Councilman Kerry) Deering."

Schritter has been an outspoken critic of city officials in the last year, most notably during controversies surrounding former City Manager Paul Beecher's employment. Schritter's most recent involvement was during the Nov. 7 election.

To discourage voters from approving the city's request for $56.7 million in capital improvement bonds and several Kingman Crossing ballot measures, Schritter erected signs around town to remind voters about e-mail lawsuits, well site bidding controversies and IRS threats - issues that created a hot political climate in 2007.

Funny... was it immature of this dude to call the city council members 'monkeys' like he was quoted in the Miner last summer??

Gotta hand it to this guy though, he's out to change the makeup of the current council. He got his man in the mayor's office (by that I mean that I'm sure he likes it just fine to have an in law of one of his business partners as mayor) and chances are still a reality to maybe even see his son win a seat on council (and I'm still considering seriously voting for Mr. Craig Schritter). Maybe then he won't be so frightened of the city council.

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