Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is it the burrito that saves Kingman??

"What's he talking about now Martha??"

This afternoon I decided to have lunch. While this may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things (and it really isn't), I ventured out for something new... yet familiar.

You see, back in May of 2006 the local Dairy Queen stopped preparing and selling such menu items as all meat green burritos, taco's, tostadas, cheese crisps, and on and on. You might be thinking to yourself now that you don't know of ANY DQ that serves that kind of food, and you might be right.

However, in Kingman, our DQ used to have owners that also once owned a eatery called Senor Taco. Way, way back in the day my wife used to work there (when she was in her school years to give you some perspective). When the owners opened up the DQ they merged the Senor Taco menu to the DQ menu. Lunch at DQ was a normal part of life for Gail as the years went by (ice cream cones and freezes as well). I quickly adapted to this lifestyle as well once I moved here.

Gail and I used to catch lunch a bit early (to avoid the lunch hour rush) at least a few times a week. It was conveniently located near both of our work locations, we loved the food, but most of all loved the owners of DQ. But sometime in 2006, the DQ corporate types demanded that this particular DQ cease serving burritos and tacos and the like. And not long after that did the owners decide to sell their DQ franchise.

Since Gail spends much of her time in Minnesota, and I spend much of my time in Arizona... lunch without her is just not the same... lunch without all meat green burritos -- same deal. So lunch has not been a priority in my daily routine for awhile now (and that is okay as long as I remember to eat a little something for breakfast).

But there is good news to report. Senor Taco is BACK IN KINGMAN AGAIN!!

That is right, and today... I had lunch... and it was great.

Ahhh... the precious.

To bring this back to real estate for a moment. May of 2006 was clearly about the time the real estate market started to tank here in Kingman, it was also when the Kingman community could no longer enjoy the mighty morsels pictured above. Coincidence?? Well I'd hate to put too much pressure on my favorite burrito... so I won't.

To put this in a local political perspective... about the time these burritos were no longer available was about the time the city sales tax receipts started to wane. Coincidence?? Here I think not. (of course I'm kidding).

Let me suggest an all meat read WITH tomatoes.

Or an all meat green burrito. (I had to have one of each... for old times sake)

Senor Taco is located on Hualapai Mountain road in a new plaza across from the radio station. Sorry I don't have the exact address for you. Check it out sometime soon (the city needs sales tax revenue).

So nice to have these folks back, I wish them good luck on their new venture. The place was mobbed today but I was there during the lunch rush (which was typical way back when anyway).

Now that's what I call good eats!!

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