Friday, May 30, 2008

Congrats to my 'Coach of the Year' sister...

Another post off topic, but important to me nonetheless.

I have a younger sister that excelled in most things she put her mind to. This last year my sister Teri, and her family, moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas. Teri is a teacher at Cheyenne High School and also the school's varsity softball coach. This was her first year running an athletic program and of course that would mean more 'excellence' produced by her.

She helped lead her new team to greater heights than they've achieved in recent years and she was recognized for her efforts. Here is a link to the article... she gets mention in one line... so I'll post it following.

Cheyenne's Teri Hernandez was named the league's Coach of the Year.

So congrats Teri... nice job. You certainly did not learn how to 'excel' at coaching from me, yet I'm not shocked that you would do a great job.

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