Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just voted...

I decided to get my votes for the city elections out of the way to avoid all the long lines (the long lines comment is sarcastic FYI) on election day May 20th.

I stated that I'd be voting for Keith Walker after the primary election... and I did just that. I did vote for another candidate, but I'm keeping who I voted for to myself.

All in all, I think we have a marvelous choice of candidates to choose from at this time. I don't think that I'll be disappointed to know the results of the election no matter what the results show.

The only result that I'd really love to see is more of a real percentage of registered voters show up to be counted for a change. It'd be great to see 5,000 or more bother with lending their voice to the immediate future of this place we call Kingman. I mean, if we really want to send a strong message to our newly elected leaders... we should at least let them know we are interested in what they do as an elected city official. Voting in greater numbers should get their attention.

Good luck to all the candidates, you all would do a fine job if elected (and we'll hold you to it).

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