Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tonight in Kingman...

Tonight is the Kingman/Golden Valley Association of REALTORS Holiday party and Toys for Tot's event at the local Elk's Club. This is the third year that we have had this event for a great cause. All the toys donated go to kids in the Mohave County area. This has been a successful event in the past and are hoping to do even better this year.

It is weird for me to shop for toys since I do not have any youngsters of my own. There sure is a variety of toys to choose from. Since the cost to attend the event is an unwrapped packaged toy, I headed out to bang elbows with the other holiday shoppers. I bought a Lego tough looking monster thing for a young boy aged 6-12, and some play set with a Dora the Explorer theme for what I believe a young girl would like. I'm at least familiar with Dora because that is what the granddaughter likes (can't wait till the holiday as I'm going to visit the little bugger).

Also at this event we will install the new officers for the Board of Directors.... which means.... my days serving as Association president.... are about to.... come to an end. After tonight I become a lame duck president for the rest of the month. I'll have more about my feelings on this at a later time... I MOST assure you.

For now though, local Realtors and Affiliate Members... do not forget about the worthy cause and stop by with a toy in hand. There will be some light food, refreshments, and music. Plus it is just another chance you will see me asking Members to join a committee. I promise we will have fun.

Update: Below is a photo of the toys that were dontated at last nights event. The Marines were very pleased that they could add these gifts and said that we made a huge impact on the overall total number that could be handed out come Christmas time. Well done everyone.

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