Monday, December 04, 2006

News resource added...

During my email discussion with Shari Veditz over the weekend, she sent me a link to where I quickly found plenty of news articles about Kingman and the Mohave County area (I added the link on the side bar on the right). Also I was surprised to find discussion forums there worth checking out. Many are real estate related and there were some local Realtors among the many in those discussions.

Also there was a front page article in the Kingman Daily Miner yesterday about the RE market. As of yet I haven't found a link to the story to share with you. The writer called me for information and I pointed him to this blog to check out the data that I publish on a monthly basis. I was never quoted in the article but my name was mentioned. Also included in the article were my charts that I produce with a url tag to this blog. I hope to see some more locals checking out this blog this week.


Here is the link to the article from the Daily Miner. Some things the writer got wrong. None of my data I use for my sales reports comes from the Golden Valley area, and I think he confused the issue from my post last Friday. The charts that I said were used in the paper do not show up on the linked article. That's is all right, they can be found right here on this blog.

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