Friday, October 31, 2008

Wow... early voting is hot in Mohave County

I decided yesterday to vote early down at the county building. Went there around 4:00pm. I often early vote to avoid lines on election day, but there was no avoiding a line at the early voting station. Place was packed. Took about 40 minutes to wait in line, cast my vote, and leave the premises.

I reasoned that perhaps the others waiting in line were just getting off work for the day as well and maybe didn't have the time next Tuesday.

Today I decided to do the patriotic thing, as VP candidate Joe Biden says, and pay my now higher property taxes at the same county building (deadline was fast approaching).

The line for early voting was even longer today than it was yesterday. And I was there around 2:00pm today. So yeah, wow. Of course this is only my anecdotal observation, the lines might be normal... but I suspect not for whatever reason. If the numbers are greater this time around from the local participation, I'll assume it is the same in most places. The results next week should be interesting.

I won't share all my choices I made on the ballot, but I thought I'd share at least a couple.

First one... easy... voted YES on Prop 100.

The other share... I voted for Doris Goodale for State Representative District 3.

It doesn't matter if you agree with my choices or not... my only real hope is that you get out and cast your vote in this important election.

Good luck to all the candidates and the many folks that campaign not only for people running for public office, but also to the many that campaign for propositions. Lots of people have been working really hard for their candidate or issue and it is not always two ton's of fun doing the work.

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