Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Series prediction...

Look... first of all I still cannot believe that my beloved Phillies are still playing meaningful baseball so late in October, yet here they are.

Of course my prediction is that my favorite team will win. But don't take that to the sports book window or anything... I've seen many a Philly team make it fairly close to a league title and come away empty handed. To give you some scope... last time (and only time) the Phillies won it all was when I was toiling away in the third grade. The last time any of my former home town teams won a league title was in '83 when Moses Malone, Dr. J, and my favorite all time hoopster Andrew Toney won it all.

Seen plenty of choke jobs since then. All four of my favorite teams have come up short in the finals since. The Flyers played like Stanley Cup champs a couple of times in the 80's but ran into probably the greatest NHL hockey team ever (and lost once again in the finals in '97 to the current dynasty of that league). The Sixers were overwhelmed by the Shaq and Kobe Laker team 7 or 8 years ago. The NFL football Eagles ran into the Patriots dynasty a few years back (what is it with dynasties and Philly teams anyway??). And of course the Phillies watched a Series clinching home run off the bat of Joe Carter in 1993 (Phillies also lost the Series in 83).

No doubt it has been great for this fan watching the Phillies on their current run. They've over-performed in my opinion, met all the expectations I had at the beginning of the season to get to this point. But as a fan, I've been to this point many times before. So I ask the gods of sporting event fans to go easy on me this time around... and to help find a way to get these great dudes a way to win four of the next seven games. It is NOT too much to ask for.

Good luck to both teams, but may fortune find the Phillies this time around.

Play ball!!

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