Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Arizona Association of Realtors--Leadership

I was in Phoenix for the AAR Leadership Conference one day last week. Todd has been to several, however, this was my first.

I was very impressed by the relevance of each and every lecture. I expected the lectures to be more 'canned'. I expected the topics to be more traditional. Instead, what I found was an association that truly has it's 'finger on the pulse'--of what is happening nationwide an how it affects our industry.

Some of the topics discussed included....of course, the economy, the election, state propositions, innovations in technology and the law (as it relates to real estate).

When the economic 'crisis' was discussed, I felt that the information was delivered without any spin what so ever. The numbers came across without unnecessary commentary or excuses. "The economy is what it is and we have a duty to those looking to buy or sell. " That was the message.

So, while the day went by very quickly; I am very happy to have been invited to attend.

Vote YES on proposition 100

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