Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wind power comes to Kingman

Very cool article this morning in the KDMiner about a resident that is having a wind turbine erected to generate power for his home.

See the whole article here.

I loved this at the end...

Lingenfelter has long been a fixture in the city of Kingman, having practiced medicine for decades before founding the Lingenfelter Center for Alzheimer's and Behavioral Health at 1099 Sunrise Ave. in 2003. He is currently chairman of the board for the Center. His motivation for purchasing the turbine, he said, was simple enough.

"When I go outside and I feel the wind blowing, I think, 'gee, I'd like this to light up my house,'" he said. "I just feel like we should make whatever effort we can to cut down the energy costs and make use of our resources. Whether it's solar or wind, it's something we should try to do."

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