Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahh... Sedona... I barely saw you

Things again have been slow again around here at MOCO. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at a state Realtor Association planning session in beautiful Sedona. I didn't get to explore around because of time constraints, but I managed just a few photos taken from the front of the hotel I stayed in.

These photos were not my best effort.

I'll be sharing some photos from a recent hike I took in Kingman with my wife last weekend... Monolith Trail I think it is called. Once I get caught up I'll post some of those. I've never taken that hike before (as I try to avoid all hikes), but there were some amazing sites along the way. Once I post those, then I think it should be business as usual around MOCO again. There are local issues and the like to opine on. See you then.

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