Sunday, March 09, 2008

No KDM endorsement for me...

I don't know if this is a bad thing... or a good thing.

Here are some of the views of the council candidates they are endorsing...

Address the format of City Council meetings: Move Call to the Public to the beginning of meetings and find a new venue to accommodate more people.

This is going to take all of two meetings to accomplish and I'm hearing the city is working with the county to make the County Building available for City Council meetings.

Spur economic development. Consider making economic development research a full-time job for Council members.

In other words, this candidate -- once elected -- will be asking for a raise.

Extend Louise to DW Ranch Road to lessen the burden on Stockton Hill until funding can be found for Rattlesnake Wash.

DW Ranch is about 9 miles away from Stockton Hill Road. Come on. How could this proposed solution do anything for the traffic on Stockton Hill?? This is not a solution at all. And the funding for Rattlesnake Wash?? Well a big chunk of that is supposed to be state funded, but the state is $1.7 BILLION in the hole right now with no money in the transportation funds... what if the state doesn't come through?? How long do we wait to find funding??

Hire a city manager and a city economic development manager.

I just find this laughable since the above is more of a no-brainer rather than a campaign agenda.

Well, I've said from the beginning that I felt it was more important to appeal to the community rather than the media for votes and support. I feel that I am getting support and votes. I'll know soon enough after the votes are counted.

I wish these candidates and the rest the best of luck on March 11th. I feel the candidates treated each other with respect and I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet all of them.

Please vote on March 11th, make your voice heard.

Community First

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