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My observations about the upcoming election...

March 11th is almost here, just a few more days. This experience for my campaign is one that I have no regrets with. I'm extremely pleased to have decided to get this involved and run for office. Win, lose, or go on to the general election... the last few months worth of experience has been a pleasure.

I've met so many wonderful people that live in Kingman that I haven't before. We really do have a great community, one that I'm proud to be a part of. Each time that someone has told me that they are either voting for me on March 11th or has already early voted for me has been an honor and I'm very humbled by the many nice things that have been said about my candidacy.

Again, the following will be my observations on how things are going based on feedback from various people that I've had election discussions with. I know that I haven't talked to everyone, nor do I believe that I've even scratched all of the different sides of either the candidates themselves or the issues and how the voting public views all of it.

The mayoral race...

Wow. Very, very interesting. All three candidates seem to have large groups of supporters. I've had the opportunity to meet all of these candidates and listen to them speak at forums and have read the in depth and thorough editorial board reviews that appeared in the local KDM.

It has been somewhat enlightening, and even amusing at times, listening to the critics of each candidate. One candidate is described as a bully, one a failed mayor, and the other one a propped up candidate of the 'good old boy' class. In my opinion all of these criticisms are simple broad brush strokes against each candidate and for the most part, not entirely true.

I feel that all three candidates are running for office for the right reasons as each sees them, however they have different views on the issues. I'm more comfortable with two of the candidates and their views than the the other. The main reason for this is because I get the sense that the one candidate is pursuing a protectionist agenda and I don't see how that will benefit the community now or even into the future when this community needs to explore all potential opportunities starting now... not protect us from them.

Again, folks, this is my observation and opinion only... and I will not be making any endorsements for any current mayoral candidate in the primary.

The poll that I have been running on the right sidebar here at MOCO has been interesting to follow. With less than 200 votes though, I don't think it gives any clear indication of what the results will actually be come the night of March 11th. When I add up all the feedback from the people I have talked to during this campaign, neither my head or my heart is telling me what the results will look like. To me, this primary mayoral race is wide open.

The council race...

Obviously as a candidate in this primary race this will be a bit more difficult to write about. Hey, I make no bones about it, I want to win... this is why I decided to get in the race. I can't be as impartial as I've been about the mayor's race above.

Here is the question that I have been asked over and over for the past month... 'who else should I vote for??' I've been asked that about 20 times in the last week alone from folks that I know and some that I've never talked to before.

I have wondered if some of the people were just putting me on the spot, but I never really got that feeling that this is what was happening. It is obvious that there are some good choices among the nine candidates and decisions will be difficult for voters. All of us candidates have had the opportunity to speak at forums and attempt to convey our views of the important issues, but with so many candidates I know that it has had to be difficult for the audience of the forums to not think that many of us were answering the same questions in a very similar manner.

My answer to the folks that wanted to know who else to vote for was basically the same as the following...

I have been doing my best to speak to the issues that I think the community is asking for the most help on. Better planning, more infrastructure, more public conveniences, a path for more jobs and business opportunity, and to make Kingman more competitive environment to attract all of the above. I've tried to earn votes by speaking to those issues.

There are some campaign issues that I'm hearing too much of that do not speak to the community in my opinion. For instance, the majority of the people in Kingman really don't care where the 'call to the public' appears on the city council agenda... yet that issue gets brought up quite a bit in the forums. To me that is an easy issue to get out of the way. It would take all of a couple of council meetings to amend.

I simply do not think the 'call to the public' is as an important of an issue as say... jobs, amenities, and improved public services. And certainly the solution for the 'call to the public' is easy in comparison.

Voters have choices and one choice is simply to not vote for a candidate that is not speaking to your issues... or... contact the candidate that you want to know more information of on the issues that are most important to you. Make those candidates answer your questions before deciding.

Personally, I do like a few of the other candidates and some of their views. I won't reveal who those candidates are simply because at this time we are all competitors for the same seats on council. Until the last vote is counted I want to earn the votes of the voters, so I hope others understand that it doesn't do my candidacy any good to recommend other candidates for possible votes.


I've met my goals in this part of the campaign. I had the opportunity to speak to the issues that I feel the community wants resolutions on. I've stated my case.

Agree with me or not, now more than ever is the time to vote. Folks, normally we might see 3,500 voters show up and be counted... we must do better. We must have a better sample of the community... but that is squarely on you to deliver. I won't tell you how to vote, I have only hoped to earn your vote, but most of all I want you to vote. Voting gives you the right to be the boss and it is my belief that, if elected, the voters will be my boss.

Thank you, it continues to be an honor.

Community First

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