Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Traffic jam in Kingman this weekend... the good kind of traffic

This sounds like fun... if you are around this weekend, you might want to check this out...


By Dave Hawkins

As many as 15,000 people are expected to watch old fashioned drag racing in downtown Kingman this weekend. Kingman Street Drags V is sponsored by the Route 66 Wings and Wheels organization.

Saturday and Sunday racing features everything from mom and pop "grocery getters' to top notch alcohol-fueled funny cars. They'll race in classes to keep like vehicles competing against one another along Beale Street.

"330 feet is what we're racing which surprises anybody whose familiar with drag racing," said Wings and Wheels President Brian Devincenzi. "That's a sixteenth of a mile, but that's because we're racing on a city street."

Devincenzi said everyone will be trying to break the 115 miles per hour record set last year in the unlimited class. He said spectators love the burn out contest that is scheduled both days and that anticipation is building for a couple of celebrity races.

Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan and Kingman Police Chief Bob Devries will square off as will the Mayors of Kingman and Bullhead City, John Salem and Jack Hakim.

Devincenzi said a world-wide audience will be able to see the races that will be streamed over the internet by two major media outlets. He said major television and print media exposure is also guaranteed.

"We have Fox Sports Net Arizona going to be here filming two 30-minute episodes for this event," Devincenzi said. "We have Speed Scene Television going to be here, we have Hot Rod Magazine going to be here, we have Drag Racer Magazine going to be here and we have Drag Racing On-Line."

Racing begins at 10:00 am Saturday. Sunday's activities begin with the Miss Route 66 pageant at 9:30 a.m.

Come on Mayor Salem... Bullhead has whooped up on Kingman in providing sales tax revenue generating places of commerce... at least kick Mayor Hakim's butt in THIS race.

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