Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Out of touch...

An image to share about my thoughts on a couple of Kingman City Council actions from last night.

Council last night tabled an issue over a proposed neighborhood convenience store because the vote was tied 3 to 3 and one member of council excused and absent. The absent council member now will be the deciding vote. No problems there, but some of the reasoning behind the 'nay' votes is utterly appalling.

There has been opposition from some of the area neighbors because of worry that because alcohol sales (beer and wine only) would be available for sale at that location, that somehow children would be walking out of the new store with a six-pack and a carton of cigarettes in hand. At a recent planning and zoning meeting one person protested the P&Z decision by saying that the blood of children will be on their hands.

Yep... crazy.

But beer and wine ended up not THE reason why 3 members of council were opposed. Yep... crazy. A fear of increased traffic seemed to be 'a' reason, at least reason enough to vote against a neighborhood convenience store. Now I don't know if the fear is 'explosive' increased traffic... we'll have to wait to see how the media covers the new fears.

I ask Council members to look up the word 'convenience' in any given dictionary.

Really, it is no wonder why opportunity is leaving this community at the rate it is... taking jobs and young people with it.

There is a new restaurant set to open in the very same business park that this convenience store is planned for. I understand it is an Italian themed eatery (but I reserve the right to be wrong on that). Chances are extremely great that I, someone who lives on the other side of town, will drive to the new place to eat once it is open to give it a try. Therefore... I will be increasing the traffic count in that neighborhood. There is even an ice cream place supposedly... mmm... ice cream sounds good about now I think I'll head over there and increase traffic.

However, I can assure you... the convenience store... I doubt seriously that I'll be a patron there. Sorry... it just isn't located in a CONVENIENT location for me. Think people.

Is increased traffic really that much of a concern?? Why not slap a moratorium on allowing people to move to Kingman?? No people move here, no increased traffic. No people move here, no need for new conveniences. Simple really.

Now let's take a look at another epic fail from last night regarding the wind turbine ordinance. Here we have one Council member state out in the open that she wouldn't want a turbine 5 feet from her fence/property line. Cool Mrs. Watson... but I think you are missing the bigger picture by a mile. This isn't about YOU, you are elected to represent the people of city... and not one person lodged serious criticisms of the proposed ordinance last night... yet you showed up obviously unprepared (watch the video and see for yourself) for the discussion or a possible decision on an issue that has been floating around P&Z for a few months now. An issue that had human interest from all over the state and maybe beyond looking in.

A clear lack of vision and understanding was on full display last night. Epic FAIL!!

I realize that this decision was also tabled (because tabling issues is rather easy and decisions seem to be difficult for people elected to make decisions). It is likely that the wind turbine issue will come to pass... eventually... or as soon as at least one Council member brushes up on the many pages of information offered to her. It may come to pass with new restrictions such as not being able to place one in a 'front' yard (but what if that happens to be the best location due to proximity??) and perhaps a new set of setbacks. Fine... in the end, last night was a blown opportunity to lead, to bring the community together for something that the community can share some pride in... in my opinion.

I do believe that all of our city representatives are nice people and can be the leaders we need them to be. Last night was simply bad. They must do better, the people demand it.

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