Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I took lug-nuts for granted...

Until yesterday that is.

I served on a hearing panel in Phoenix yesterday in the early afternoon. I began my trek home back to Kingman in the early afternoon hours. As I began to exit Interstate 10 to catch the 303 loop in Phoenix my rig started to shake and shimmy. Thinking I may have a flat I pulled the vehicle off to the side of the road on the 303.

To my surprise my left rear wheel was missing a few lug-nuts and in fact the three studs were gone, completely shorn off. One other lug-nut was obviously stripped at that point and luckily there were two that were still working and after jacking up the rig and tightening both I limped into a tire service center.

I am really fortunate and lucky. The service company got me back on the road with all new studs and lug-nuts within an hour and a half and I was back on the road heading for home.

I remember telling the folks at the hearing panel that I was looking forward to watching nine innings of the All-Star baseball game last night... I managed to hear the first seven on my XM Radio then caught the remaining eight innings (game went long) at home.

Luckily I'm back and in one piece. Have to catch up on some blogging. I even heard there was some big news taking place yesterday at the Kingman Daily Miner. Maybe I'll get a chance to check that out.

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