Saturday, January 01, 2011

Important water related blog posts...

I've decided to round up some posts I've written over the years, specifically regarding the alleged water supply issues locally, and present them here on this blog post.  Links to this collection will be available on the sidebar for easy access.  If you ever need to look at readily available and public data, it will be here.  All of the posts will include the links to the data I used for my writing.

I do not have the time to blog as often as I used to so I feel this is a fair and easy way to keep the information readily available for the readers review.

List of blog posts below...

Who Needs Math When You Have Scare Tactics -- February 13, 2011

So How Bad Is the Drought Here?? -- July 13, 2010

Game Changer?? -- August 15, 2009

Fun With Data -- August 31, 2009

What Industry Can Do For Water -- July 31, 2009

13 Million Acre Feet of Water -- July 3, 2009

What Do We Know?? -- August 7, 2007

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