Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sounds like a party...

I'm talking Tea Party here for a second. Here is one bit about a Tea Party organizer that was denied the opportunity to speak in front of city council (not here in Kingman).

City Council votes to deny public speaker

by Bob Gough, editor, QuincyNews.org

Along a party line vote, the Quincy City Council denied a written request to speak by a taxpaying resident of the city.

Steve McQueen, one of the organizers of the Quincy Tea Party effort, requested to speak on the recently approved $31.2 million budget and water and sewer rate increases.

When it came time to vote to open the floor to allow the speaker, a mixed voice vote took place. A roll call vote ensued and the seven Democrats denied McQueen's opportunity to speak while six Republicans voted to allow him to speak.

Shameful that this was allowed to happen, but I'm not all that alarmed that we'd see this sort of denial to speak in front of our own local city council.

Also it is examples like the above (as well as Tea Party attendees being called out as racists -- actually by our own local media) that tells me that these Tea Party movements might actually become something else... a new political party. Hopefully the momentum continues.

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