Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fellow REALTORS in the sports pages...

I'm just linking a couple of article from the KDM covering a couple of citizens that happen to be in the real estate business.

First... Chuck "Mr. Basketball" Casson. Mr. Basketball is the broker of the Century 21 Highland office. The office is basically right next door from my office. I bother the guy at times when important issues arise at the Association and community. He is probably a better basketball player and referee than he is a shortstop in softball. I've learned that the hard way... if you are unfortunate enough to hit a grounder in his direction, his throw to first has a tendency to wander towards the runner trying to reach first base... as I've found out on two occasions. Of course the errant throws may not have been so errant, they may have had a purpose.

Next is Kingman High School boys soccer coach Roy Sparks. I've known Roy for about 5 or 6 years now. I mostly catch up to him at events like REALTOR golf in the summer months. He had told me that he played soccer on some professional level at one time, and it sounds like he has made a positive impact with the team he coaches now. Cheers to Roy and his team.

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