Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mohave County P&Z Land Split Matrix Proposal...

Do you own a 5 acre parcel of land in Mohave County? Maybe you are thinking about it? Well you should know that the Planning and Zoning Commission has put together a new matrix for land splits that they would like to see approved by the County Supervisors.

If you did have that 5 acre parcel and thought of splitting it into 2 or more, you should know that your property would have to have; not only a private maintained road but a public mantained roadway passable by 2 wheel drive vehicle, access to electric service or an agreement with a utility company to extend service at YOUR cost, and the property would have to be within a Fire District.

Basically you'd have to come up with plenty of costs to qualify your property to split the property and sell it. Any wonder what that might do to land prices? Well if the property isn't already close to such amenities it would render the property unmarketable. This matrix, if approved, would only benefit larger land developers. Land developers who would be able to aquire large amounts of land for little cost from the land owner, maybe that land owner is you.

Make your voice heard on this, tell your county supervisor that you would not support such a matrix. Let them know that the county has no legal authority under the Growing Smarter or any other state legislation to implement such restrictions.

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