Thursday, May 04, 2006

What Did Les Have To Say?

I love politics and discussing them, however I'm not trying to make this blog poltical. However, last night there was a candidates forum at the Mohave County Community College and both council candidates and one mayoral candidate showed up. Where was the other candidate?

I've already made up my mind who I'm going to vote for in the mayor's election, but I think it would have been nice to hear from Les Byram (the candidate that no showed). I seriously don't know what platform he is running on. My perception is no growth for the city. It would have been nice to hear from him and his plans going forward for this growing city.

It's also my understanding that Les won't be showing up at another event where the candidates were invited to participate in. Makes me wonder if his heart is really in this race, or better yet, is his heart in the right place for the city of Kingman.

I wish all the candidates the best of luck for the May 16th elections.

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