Thursday, October 21, 2010

water resources on the moon... scientists say

Here is the link to the article and a couple of highlights

Scientists have discovered significant amounts of water on the moon—about twice the quantity seen in the Sahara Desert—a finding that may bolster the case for establishing a manned base on the lunar surface.

In an audacious experiment last year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration slammed a spent-fuel rocket into a lunar crater at 5,600 miles an hour, and then used a pair of orbiting satellites to analyze the debris thrown off by the impact. They discovered that the crater contained water in the form of ice, plus a host of other resources, including hydrogen, ammonia, methane, mercury, sodium and silver.

A couple of thoughts...

First, even with the ammonia, methane, mercury, etc. from above... I bet the water tastes better than Las Vegas tap water, maybe not as dangerous either. I kid.

Another... so the US federal goverment has enough money borrowed from the Chinese to fund an experiment to find water on the moon, but didn't kick in enough to finish the more local USGS survey?? Well... hard to blame the federal government really since there is no water resource problem in Mohave County anyway based on the last report I covered last year.

Lastly, if there really was a way to utilize the water on the moon for something, too bad they couldn't use it right now. Think of the local water worry warts for a second here folks. They insist we have a water problem (but actually do not), they don't like business, corporations, or capitalists, actually don't like anyone living near them or their property -- folks the solution would be easy. Just get the water worry warts on the next lunar module to inhibit the moon. If the lunar water resource was available presently there wouldn't be a water resource issue (like there is NOT one in Mohave County) just like there wouldn't be corporations or other nefarious types of free enterprise or for that matter... many neighbors. Perfect!!

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Eugene Luxury Homes said...

I can see it now. The lunar real estate land rush is around the corner :) Amazing what impractical projects we fund and what practical projects we don't.