Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inane comments from the water worry warts (again)

Don't have time to slice and dice all the rather stupid remarks that are being made by the folks that pretend to care about water in the Mohave County area.  But for craps and giggles here is one...

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Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Article comment by: az mac

I am going to say most people here will not qualify for the jobs they will offer. Many of the jobs will be temporary. Now it comes down to the water they will use. I guess they are going to allow them all the water they want. Get ready for a big hike in water rates on top of what is already coming.
Mary Smith
You just may find your self living like they did in the 1800s. If all the taxes come about like planned then prices will go sky high and most will not be able to afford very much. More jobs will disappear. We all ready have over 60 million without jobs and 41 million on food stamps.

Yes this is about the solar plant deal that uses some water to make the thing work.

It is obvious that 'az mac' has no clue about the jobs that will be offered by the power plant -- either that or s/he thinks all of you in Mohave County, or nearly all of you, are idiots.  Barely any of you good people in the Kingman area could qualify for a job at the plant.  The water worry warts don't think very highly of their neighbors and it shows.  They are the most greedy and ill mannered people in the county.

Now on to the water use and again 'az mac' inserts foot into mouth.  The plant will own property, if the plant is ever allowed to be built.  In other words the plant will be an owner of private property in the state of Arizona and the county of Mohave.  Private property owners that have requested the state and other authorities for use of well water get to use all the water they want.  Let that one sink in folks.  There are NO meters on private wells in this area.  Nobody can tell a private property owner with a well that they are limited with how much water to use.  Yet here is a company that will move to Mohave County and agree to use a limited amount of water... thereby giving away some of their property rights.

I'd love to see the state threaten to put in meters on private wells -- as a staunch private property rights proponent I'd be against such a thing of course -- but I'd love to see some of the reactions when the water worry warts own rights are threatened.  And really folks, if the water levels were as bad as the people with zero data say it is, the state or the county would be installing water meters and limiting amounts of water private property owners use.

So big hikes in water rates are right around the corner because some solar plant will be drawing a limited water supply with authorization by the state and local governments??  Just once I'd love to see any one of these idiots back up their idiotic statements.  Again, if they didn't have scare tactics... they'd have nothing.

As for the rest of the remark made by 'az mac' to Mary Smith is concerned, yeah no one wants their taxes raised at the federal level at a time like this... but no one is going to live like it is the 1800's again (hey another scare tactic, wow).

But what do I know... I wouldn't qualify for a job at the plant.  Hmmm... that almost begs a challenge.  I just might have to get out the old resume and apply for a permanent job at the new plant (whenever it gets built).  I'll make a bet now that I can, in fact, get a job at the plant... and I'm a self described big dummy.

One thing for sure... the wells will run dry of water in this county way before the well of stupid asinine comments (like bats will choke to death on dust) from the water worry warts will.  So at least they got that going for them.

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