Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Polls are open!!

Folks, if you live in Kingman don't forget that today is election day.  Six fellow neighbors are on the ticket for city council seats and the community needs to hear from you (one candidate for mayor).

This time around I wish we could vote for five of the candidates for council, but we can only choose three.  The only candidate that I wouldn't vote for is the one that stated in a city council meeting that she wouldn't want her neighbor to have a windmill in their own backyard.  Now that isn't the only reason, but I've watched that particular candidate for some years now botch property rights issues here in Kingman.

I'm rather impressed with a couple of particular candidates, and hope that they've done all the work needed to get the vote out -- cause they will need it.

And still, I find no particular weaknesses to the other three candidates for council.  A very interesting choice as to who to vote for awaits Kingman voters today.

Good luck to all the candidates on this day.

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