Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Polls are closed...

Now that the polls are closed I'm watching the Mohave County website for the results of today's election in Kingman.  I will post the results when they are available.

As of 7:10pm there are no reported results on the website.

As of 9:21pm... nothing on the Mohave County website.

As of 10:16pm... these are the results for the city council race...

CANDIDATE -- # of votes -- Percentage

ANDERSON, DICK --  797  --  47.36%
COCHRAN, ERIN  --  711  --  42.25%
LYONS, RAY  --  711  --  42.25%
MOSSBERG, ALLEN  --  811  --  48.19%
WATSON, JANET  --  962  --  57.16%
Write-in Votes  --  345  --  20.50%

Another crappy turnout in number of voters.  Out of the 16,189 registered voters, only 1,683 bothered voting in the primary. 

As it looks and as I understand it, the results tonight indicate that Janet Watson has retained her seat on the council... and the remaining two seats will be decided in the general election later on in May of this year (Anderson, Cochran, Lyons, and Mossberg will be in the final run-off). 

View all results here

I would have liked to have been surprised tonight, but instead am a bit disappointed.  

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