Thursday, November 05, 2009

With headlines like these...

It's funny when the KDMiner editor gets all uppity about what is best for the community and then turns around and offers up the following headline...

Angry bikers to converge on Kingman

Just a crappy headline in so many ways.

However, the article itself is certainly worth a read. I even see some concerns for private property rights issues in this deal. From the article...

Deborah Barry, owner of Mad Dog's, said she instituted a "no colors" policy more than a month ago because of the surveillance being conducted by police in her parking lot. Because the bikers were being watched and photographed, they were less likely to drink, which led to a drop in revenue, and ultimately, the ban on colors, she said.

Barry said she was never threatened to have her liquor license revoked if she didn't ban colors.

Look, I don't know enough about motorcycle clubs... I don't drink at bars with any sort of frequency... or even know a dern thing about motorcycles for that matter -- but I'm siding with the motorcycle club chairman from the article and proprietors of private establishments if indeed it is true that some level of government is hanging the threat of a state liquor license against a property owner if they don't institute some policy that isn't even a law passed by the people.

It is becoming clear that it is time to remember our rights... and more importantly to protect them.

But some good news in defiance to the headline...

Ray said up to 2,000 riders could roll into Kingman by Saturday. He said he was aware of a couple of groups of more than 400 riders coming from Phoenix.

Ray said the riders have been invited to take part in the Veteran's Day parade in North Kingman Saturday morning. The parade will begin at 11 a.m. at the corner of North Bond Street and Northern Avenue.

Too bad for the city of Kingman though I guess that the newly voted on increase in hotel room rates won't be in effect for the visit. Maybe the 'angry bikers' won't be so angry when they find out they'll save a buck or two.

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