Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Feathers ruffled...

Just watch the latest city council meeting starting at about minute 11 and again around the 19 minute mark..

As someone that only knows the RAID member (being talked about in the video that was a possible appointee to the city Planning and Zoning commission) based on what I have observed the gentleman say at local public meetings, I honestly do not know the man or have ever had any kind of conversation with him before... for all I know he is the sweetest man to ever walk the face of the earth... but at public meetings (either city of Kingman or Mohave County variety) he rarely makes a damn bit of sense.

I missed what went on at the prior City Council meeting when Sandi Reynolds was selected by the council to fill the seat vacated on the city Planning and Zoning commission, but between the choices that were moved to be considered... Councilman Lyons and the rest made the right decision in my opinion.

I enjoyed watching the majority of RAID members speak at the most recent call to the public. I've met a couple of the individual members of RAID and each time found each individual member to be genuine and courteous... but together as a group, I (and a whole lot of others around the city) disagree with the stance that RAID has taken on some important issues. Truth be told Mr. Lyons gave that group a taste of their own medicine.

Seriously, they do the same stuff, you've heard members of this group go negative talking about developers, builders, etc. What councilman Lyons said is no different, and he certainly has his Constitutional right to disagree with a community group such as RAID.

Buck up kids.

Hopefully by now Councilman Lyons and the vast RAID organization has had themselves a cup of java or two by now and this episode blows over.

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