Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How banks are making big bucks on foreclosures

I was alerted to the video link below a few days ago and if you are interested in a bit of short sale and foreclosure scenarios that will make your blood boil... you may want to click on the link and give it a view.

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Basically we are talking about big banks making big bucks off of foreclosed and distressed property... with tax payer dollars.  Yep, the government is giving big bucks to banks while our property values suffer.  Just watch the video.


Amanda Cluett said...

Banks wont help anything at all on our property. You could not save from them. Its them would save from you.

Private Mortgages Ontario said...

Great post. Its really hard nowadays to make real estate decisions. We should not jump into conclusions that in the latter, we realize we are just invested instead of aiming for investments.
Where are all the good guys these days?