Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Donate today...(updated)

Hey folks, I'm serious about raising money for the March of Dimes. I'm making this offer, the first 4 people that donate more than $25 to this cause (linked here) will receive this tee-shirt as a way of saying thanks for participation.

I designed the thing myself and I assure you that there will be a very limited amount of these shirts available. Be one of the few. (I ordered one for myself, but I have my sales site web address on the back)

You will have to email me once you make the donation so that I can order you the correct size and all.

I'm asking for small donations as well, please give any amount you can (I just won't be able to get you the shirt unless the donation is for more than $25).

Thanks again.


I want to thank Jim Duncan of Real Central VA for being the first donor of $25 or more.

Greg Swann of BloodhoundBlog has claimed the second shirt. Only two remain.

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